Full Album Stream: Gorgatron – “Sentience Revoked”


Need a dose of brutality? North Dakotan death dealers Gorgatron have just the thing: Sentience Revoked, their brand new album and fourth overall. Following 2022 EP Agony Reborn, Gorgatron double down on the qualities that made them stand out in the first place: heavy brutality, technicality in the right spots and a lean approach to songwriting. It works like a charm and you can hear Sentience Revoked a day before its official release right now.

“Conceptually, Sentience Revoked explores a hypothetical scenario where authorities evaluate our mental utilization,” Gorgatron tell Decibel. “Which ponders the question: what if losing your ability to think was a consequence of not using your time and knowledge wisely? This concept aligns with the darker theme we aimed for in the album. This album invites you to immerse yourself in its artwork, lyrics, and cohesive sound from start to finish. Each song feeds off the other, creating a thought-provoking mood for listeners to digest.

Sonically, the album offers insight into the band members’ mental journey post-pandemic and after relentless touring for the past two years. From all of Gtron we truly appreciate all of our supporters and friends, we’re beyond lucky to travel the globe playing our brand of Death Metal. No Gimmicks, no trend chasing, no bullshit. Just five friends having fun in the name of death metal and rock ’n’ roll. We’re lifers until the day we die! Cheers!”

If you have a soft spot for Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and other American staples, you’ll find a lot to love on Sentience Revoked. Check it out below and grab a copy via Redefining Darkness.

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