Five For Friday: May 17, 2024


Greetings, Decibel readers!

Those of you who’ve been with us for awhile know it’s a big week: there’s a new Gatecreeper album out! But along with those masters of modern death metal, we’ve got new ones from lesser-known acts, including one at the end of the list I’m especially stoked for. It’s mostly death metal this week, but if you’re in the mood for hardcore, get pumped after the jump.


Extinguish – One Less Enemy

Crushing modern hardcore, the kind you know is going to really pop off in the pit. This is the debut album from this absolute unit from California. Get stoked for more from these guys in the future.

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Gatecreeper – Dark Superstition

For years now, Gatecreeper has been one of the leading lights of death metal. While the band has a recognizable sound, they’ve always managed to bend and shape it one each release, flexing their hardcore, doom, and melodic muscles at various times to suit the song. And that dynamic workmanship continues apace on this, the band’s third full-length.

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Hemotoxin – When Time Becomes Loss

Proggy death thrash. If you wanted to marry up early Atheist with Coroner and toss in some more straightforward grooves, you’d get something approximating this band’s style. It’s a sound that explores and contorts itself, but always finds its way back to a recognizable force of brutality.

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Strychnos – Armageddon Patronage

Crushing, doom-laden death metal presaging the end of days. Standard subject-matter fare for metal, of course, but I assume that’s what you came to hear anyway.

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Tzompantil – Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force

Oh man, this is so cool. We toss around the word “heavy” a lot in these circles, but THIS is what we mean. The guitar-tones are so rich and satisfying here, and match up brilliantly with the bass and kick-drum that you can’t help come alive with every crushing salvo of sound. And god damn those low-as-hell vocals. There’s even slight shades of chorus-guitar-driven funeral doom in parts as well. THAT caught me by surprise. It’s like a more warlike take on Mortuous. Get marching!

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