Exodus Drummer Tom Hunting Is “Doing Really Good” With His Cancer Treatment


Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza says that the band’s drummer, Tom Hunting, has been “doing really good” since beginning treatment last month for squamous cell carcinoma, a form of cancer.

Souza gave fans the update as part of the most recent episode of YouTube series, Zetro’s Toxic Vault:

“I was actually with the whole band last Tuesday. We had a photo shoot. And I’ve gotta say Tom looks great. And from all of us, and him as well, we wanna thank all of you guys for all of your kind words, all of your financial support. And I want you guys to know that he’s one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. That’s why he got so much love. He’s just such a great, amazing player, as that goes. He’s an awesome drummer — an innovator at what he does — and just an overall great dude, and everybody loves him.”

He continued:

“[Tom’s] cut his hair off, and I thought he looks great, dude. I was walking up to him, going, like, ‘Hi, I’m Tom Hunting. I’ll be selling your house.’ He looks so professional. I told him, ‘Fuck, dude. I wouldn’t grow it back, if I was you.’

“Anyway, he’s great, and he looks great, and he’s beating this thing. Like he said in the press, he’s gonna beat it like a snare drum that owes him money, and he’s doing that right now. When you guys hear what he’s done on the new record and see him live, it’s gonna be really exciting for everyone. It makes it even that much more special as that comes out.”

Souza concluded:

“I don’t wanna tell too much, because he’s very reserved on these types of things and he doesn’t really want me to talk about it. I just wanna let you guys know that he’s doing really good, and he looks really good, and his attitude and everybody around him is very positive. And that’s all I can say. He’s gonna lick this thing, no problem. And we’ll see you guys back with him right out on the road.”

You can watch the entire episode below.

The crowdfunding campaign to help Hunting cover his medical bills, which was launched by Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, remains underway. As of this writing, it has raised almost $92,000 — nearly double its original $50,000 goal. You can donate here.

Exodus’ new album, Persona Non Grata, was originally slated for release in June, but has now been delayed until November in order to ensure that Hunting is able to tour in support of the record.


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