Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 5-10-21: Could Lumi be Endgame?


Please don’t tease us, soap gods.

Lumi shippers have longed for a Lucas/Sami reunion for years, only for Days of Our Lives to have Sami dedicate her life to EJ instead.

But according to spoilers, Lucas and Sami kiss again on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-10-21. Could these two finally have their happy ever after?

This whole Lucas/Sami scheming to evade Kristen’s blackmail story has been both disappointing and thrilling all along.

The fake brain tumor storyline was cruel, and Sami’s kowtowing to Kristen’s threats was totally out of character, yet Lucas and Sami’s interactions made the whole thing worth watching.

And now, Kristen’s latest escapade appears to be to throw both of them into that damn secret room.

Kissing — and more — while trapped together is an overused trope, but if it leads to Sami realizing she doesn’t need or want EJ, I’m all for it.

There appears to be quite a lot of bedroom action during Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-10-21, so if Lumi isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll be happier with some of the other goings-on:

  • Nicole and Xander have a drunken one-night-stand
  • Jake and Gabi start getting it on

Plus, Steve disapproves of Rafe dating Ava, and Claire and Tripp confront Chanel over what they think is using sex to get Allie to pay a big drink bill.

Please scroll down to find your favorite spoilers for the week of 5-10-21.

Kristen is horrified when she realizes she caused Brady’s accident.

The accident appears to have occurred on the same stretch of road where baby Mackenzie was killed almost exactly two years ago.

Hopefully, little Rachel won’t suffer any more tragedy on her birthday this year.

But knowing Kristen, she won’t turn herself in or do anything to make amends. She’ll probably engage in more crazy behavior to try to cover up what she did before Brady breaks up with her.

Allie and Chanel have an awkward encounter with Tripp and Claire.

This has all the set-up for a Chanel/Allie/Tripp triangle, though it’s somewhat random.

The kiss between Allie and Chanel came out of nowhere, and their sudden best friend status appears to be based on off-screen bad behavior.

But a bisexual love triangle would be a refreshing change from the usual two guys fighting to the death over a girl, so let’s do it!

Jake pours his heart out to Gabi.

Heartbroken Jake is going to… immediately take fake Kate’s advice to hook up with Gabi.

Days of Our Lives does this all the time, and it NEVER makes any sense.

People don’t “get over” heartbreak in five seconds and fall hard for someone interfering with the original relationship. It just doesn’t happen that way, except in Salem.

And what’s going to happen when the real Kate pops back up and still wants Jake?

Nicole receives upsetting news from Eric.

Sorry, Ericole fans. Greg Vaughan isn’t making a guest appearance; this is an old photo.

Eric also isn’t coming back to Salem. He’s again putting off his return to stay in Africa “just a little while longer.”

At this point, Nicole should file for divorce. This isn’t a relationship, and it’s obvious that Eric isn’t planning on ever coming home.

Steve is stunned to learn Rafe is on a date with Ava.

Steve knows the old Ava very, very well, and he’s not one to mince words.

The only question here is whether his opinion will give Rafe pause or cause a rift between the old friends.

Rafe and Tripp are the only ones who see Ava’s softer side and believe that she’s changed, but is Steve right that Rafe is headed for heartbreak?

Kristen makes another desperate move.

Surprise, surprise. NOT.

The sensible thing for Kristen to do would be to turn herself in for all of this, accept responsibility for the consequences of her behavior, and hope that a judge goes easy on her.

Instead, she’s going to dig an even deeper hole in an attempt to get Brady to forgive her and ensure Chloe doesn’t spend time in the hospital at his side.

Sami finds herself trapped in a bad situation.

Sami will become Kristen’s latest victim.

The only good thing about this is it leads to a Lumi kiss. But this is getting ridiculous.

Kristen needs to stop knocking people out and trying to ship them out of Salem to keep her secret going.

And haven’t the cops noticed a huge influx in missing persons lately?

Nicole realizes she’s made a huge mistake.

Ugh. This is probably my least favorite spoiler on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-10-21.

I’m sick of Xander wandering around town drunk and looking for trouble. He JUST did this with Chanel and almost got stuck in a ridiculous marriage!

And Nicole should know better than to jump in bed with her worst enemy no matter how heartbroken she is over Eric’s refusal to come home.

Chloe learns the truth about Kristen!

It’s about damn time.

I will never understand how someone as smart as Chloe didn’t see through this ruse in two seconds.

Let’s hope the fallout from her belated discovery makes this silly story worth it.

Things get heated between Sami and Lucas.

This is another one for the FINALLY column.

I hope Lucas and Sami will move beyond heated moments to being a couple again for once and for all.

I couldn’t care less what EJ thinks. I just wish he’d think it off-screen.

Jake and Gabi are stunned by Kate’s revelation.

Presumably, the big reveal is that the real Kate was kidnapped and never intended to break up with Jake.

If Jake doesn’t take her back because of what fake Kate did, I’m going to be disgusted.

Jabi fans: Do you want Jake and Gabi back together under these circumstances rather than because he truly loves her?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you think about these spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-10-21.

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