Dave Chappelle Attacker Sues Venue After Injuries Sustained During Standup Special

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Dave Chappelle’s attacker at the Hollywood Bowl thinks security used excessive force and now the venue is being sued.

Isaiah Lee filed the lawsuit against the Hollywood Bowl and its security for their allegedly brutal response post-incident.

The lawsuit accuses the Los Angeles-based venue’s security of using excessive force, claiming they attacked Lee, spat on him, and dislocated his elbow intentionally.

Lee’s lawsuit states that after he disrupted the show, the security’s reaction was to restrain and punish him physically.

Lee alleges he suffered from severe injuries, including a dislocated elbow and back trauma, which have led to decreased mobility.

Through his legal action, Lee is seeking damages for negligent security and battery, arguing that the Hollywood Bowl failed to ensure the safety of all guests, including those who might disrupt an event.

Lee, who identifies as bisexual and was formerly homeless, expressed that he found Chappelle’s controversial jokes particularly offensive and harmful.

In December 2022, Lee faced legal consequences for his actions at the Hollywood Bowl. He accepted a plea deal for misdemeanors that resulted in his imprisonment for 270 days.

Dave Chappelle was not physically harmed and continued his show, addressing the interruption with humor.

However, the event raised significant concerns about safety at live performances, prompting discussions in the entertainment industry about measures to protect performers without infringing on the audience’s experience.

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