Cardi B’s Take on the House Military Draft Bill

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Cardi B didn’t hold back when expressing her opinion on why the House military draft bill will be ineffective due to the temperament of the young Americans the bill targets.

The “Up” rapper begin training earlier this week after a video of her ranting about how ill-equipped generation Z is to go to war went viral and began circulating on social media. It appears Cardi’s main discrepancy with bill is the idea that Young men will automatically be registered for the draft regardless of their actual ability to serve the nation.

“So I just read an article saying that the House just passed a bill that they’re going to automatically register men from 18 to 26 for war, OK,” Cardi said. “And all I wanna say is, to America, good luck with that [laughs]. These new little n###as are TikTokers, baby.

“These m############ ain’t going to fight no war. You gon’ die! You might as well just keep motherfcking investing money in y’all guns, ’cause these new kids? You want to send these new kids to fight these wars? The TikTok f###### hip-shakers? Out of your mind [laughs].”

She continued, remarking on her belief that America is in a totally different space than the previous century when the draft occurred, and in no way shape or form ready to face another country like Russia in a war.

“This is a new America, baby, this ain’t the 19-muthaf###ing,” she added. “No, like, seriously, you gonna draft these kids that be TikToking all day to fight them, what, most likely what, them Russians? Them muthaf###ers that be fighting bears and sht, and motherfcking clammy monsters to go to school and whatever? I got some news for you motherf*ckers.”

The recent defense bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives includes a provision for automatic registration for the military draft, specifically targeting men aged 18 to 26. Under this new legislation, all eligible males would be automatically registered with the Selective Service System (SSS) upon reaching the age of 18, using information from existing federal databases such as those held by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The change aims to streamline the registration process, reduce administrative costs and ensure a more complete database for potential conscription if a draft is ever reinstated. However, it doesn’t currently include women nor equate to immediate conscription but rather prepares for the possibility of a draft in the future.

Listen to Cardi’s full rant in the video above.

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