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Where they from?
Pilsen, Czechia. The NHL playoffs are here and my team is in it. What this means is that for the next few weeks I will have to explain to various people in my life that I can’t hang out on a random Tuesday night in May because I have to watch a bunch of grown men on ice skates run up and down in an igloo for three hours while screaming “SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK!” as loud as I can. And what is my reward for doing this? Well if my team wins, I get to do it for another three weeks.

Why the hype?
LilixElbe, angular powerviolence from Pilsen. Got a good ring to it, right? It’s really refreshing to come across a PV band nowadays that is actually pushing boundaries and trying to broach new territory within the confines of a genre that can feel fairly limiting if it falls into the wrong hands. The two standout elements here seem to be the angular (dare I say screamo influenced?) guitarwork, and the herky-jerky stop/starts of the percussion section. Some of these songs literally feel like they are stabbing you. It’s, uh, pretty awesome.

Latest Release?
Split with Trigger, out on Trapped Inside Records. Ya know, I was thinking about the term “whirling dervish” this morning. I think I first heard it in a Butthole Surfers’ song but can’t remember which one. And I get the whirling part, but what the fuck is a dervish? It sounds like some sort of dish your Mom keeps in the cabinet. Anywho, this record is certainly a whirling dervish, you should buy it and keep it in the same cabinet.

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