Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household Ahead of the Double Eviction?


The Cookout has been at the wheel of every single move of Big Brother Season 23.

When Thursday’s eviction episode wrapped, Tiffany, Azah, Hannah, Xavier, Kyland, Derek, Alyssa, and Claire played in the endurance competition.

Claire had to throw the competition due to being the secret Head of Household, while Derek dropped during the commercial break.

Alyssa dropped in the episode’s final moments, leaving Tiffany, Aazah, Hannah, Xavier, and Kyland up there competing.

In the end, Azah was supposed to win, but Kyland did not drop, so Tiffany didn’t either.

This meant that Tiffany won the competition, becoming Head of Household for the second time in seven days. That’s got to be some sort of record.

In the aftermath, Azah and Tiffany were both upset that Kyland didn’t drop. Tiffany didn’t want to give Kyland his third HOH win of the summer, and it makes sense as we approach the finale.

Xavier seemed frustrated because Tiffany’s win meant that Alyssa would likely be sitting on the block and heading home next week.

There were some discussions on Thursday night, and Tiffany made it clear she intended to target Alyssa, something Xavier was not entirely on board with.

Tiffany wants to put Alyssa and Xavier on the block and for the former to go home next week, but if Alyssa wins the POV, it means that Claire is 100% going up on the block as the replacement.

It’s the only way to keep the Cookout safe for another week.

Then again, a lot can change in the Big Brother house, and it could be the case that Claire wins and takes Alyssa down, forcing Tiffany’s hand.

There truly is no telling what’s going to happen because of the variables right now, but something tells me Claire would honor Tiffany’s noms and not help Alyssa out.

The houseguests don’t know that next week will be a double eviction, leaving six people in the house by the end of the episode.


Claire Rehfuss

The following week, there will be another double to give us the final four of the season.

The Cookout should all make it to the final six at this stage. They’ve played a great game, but the uncertainty surrounding a double eviction could switch things up.

What are your thoughts on the new HOH and the plan for the week?

Hit the comments.

Be sure to watch the next episode on Sunday at 8/7c.

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