Are They Really a Couple?

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Druski and Rubi Rose recently made things Instagram official, or at least that’s what they’ve led us to believe.

In case you missed it, the Coulda Been Records CEO dropped a sneaky flick capturing what appears to be an intimate moment with Rose on his personal IG. Druski stamped the photo of them seemingly gazing into each other’s eyes intoxicated by the look of love with a caption that reads “DRUBI [heart emoji].”

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As if the photo weren’t proof enough, Rose even added in the comment section “You really love me huh baby.” But upon second glance, something about the surprise couple’s Dominican Republic vacation seems a bit fishy and not because they probably enjoyed some phenomenal ceviche.


In an even sneakier post-and-delete round-up, Rose shared on her personal IG profile from the trip. She appeared to suggest at least 26 other individuals joined her and Druski on the trip. In the caption of the post, she even remarked about how chaotic it was sharing a villa with over two dozen people and included a communal dinner photo with multiple individuals seated at a large table in the post.

While we don’t have the CVS receipts for the aforementioned, Rose has a documented track record of allowing men who are either emotionally or physically attracted to her to fit the bill for her lavish lifestyle. After recently linking up with her highest spending OnlyFans client, Rose shared a screen-grab video of a conversation with one of her other cyber tricks that spent thousands of dollars on his “relationship” with her.

Not to mention, the way Druski is on his Coulda Been Records house reality TV kick right now, the possibility this is a content grab feels all too likely. But maybe it really is DRUBI forreal!? Either way, we somehow have the feeling that this will all end up on Tubi one way or the other.

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