32 Most Brutal Moments In Yellowstone


Yellowstone is so compelling in part because of how dramatic and no-holds-barred it is. Taylor Sheridan really doesn’t hold back with his modern Western, and that’s proven by the many wild situations the Yellowstone cast finds themselves in. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most brutal moments from the drama about the Dutton family. 

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Jamie Killing His Biological Father  

In Season 4, Beth gives her brother an ultimatum after learning about Garrett Randall. The options were as follows: Jamie and Garrett, his biological dad, could both end up in prison, Beth could tell Rip why Jamie is the reason she can’t have kids, or he could kill Garrett. He opted for option three, and it was brutal to watch Wes Bentley‘s character go through with killing his biological dad.  

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Tate’s Kidnapping 

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