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When commuting to work, I do a lot of people watching. Call me creepy, but in New York City, there’s not much else you can do besides be hyper-aware of your surroundings. And that includes taking note of the three main different types of commuters.

There’s the insufferable worker: has a classic novel folded as they lean against the subway rails, barely cognizant of the fact that they could be launched onto their neighbor at any moment. Yes, they’re waiting for someone to ask them if they truly enjoy the discourse of the Charles Dickens book they’re toting.

Then there’s the head down, hating-the-world commuter who just needs to get to their destination in one piece. Do not make eye contact, you’ll turn to stone.

…And then there’s me: the off-duty DJ. At any moment, I’m hoping someone stops and asks me what song I’m listening to for their TikTok’s. I’m bobbing my head, there’s a little skip to my step, and I’m rocking out at all times. I like to think of myself as the pedestrian version of Baby Driver.

Music gets me out of bed and helps me hype myself up for work. It’s the background noise as I get ready to go out each weekend. It’s also part of my job. I should have a black card Spotify membership at this point.

So, as we know, I spend the week gathering up all the new music that’s released every Friday and compiling a playlist that is so irresistible you’ll spend the weekend replaying it. If you’re looking for new music, well, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got another week filled with fresh tracks you won’t wanna miss. Without further ado, let’s get listening!

“Saturn” – SZA

GRAMMY award winner, SZA, is fresh off her SOS album: a thrilling sophomore addition to her no-skips, no-miss collection of music. She’s gearing up to release the deluxe reissue of the album titled, Lana, and “Saturn” is her first submission. It’s your classic, dreamy SZA sound with ethereal beats and longing vocals.

Singing about how she doesn’t belong on this planet, how life is better on Saturn – where none of this matters. It’s about the sheer feeling of escapism that overwhelms you from time to time…and it gets us excited for what comes next.

“Planet” – Aidan Bissett 

Aidan Bissett has a unique way of combining rock and pop to create an earworm-worthy single. Alongside his EP, Supernova, Bissett releases “Planet” – a song about finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. Written after being ghosted, he touches on real-life experience to produce yet another banger in his already impressive discography.

Begging for someone to “come back down to this earth”, Bissett bursts into the chorus lamenting how he’s wasting his time and unable to understand his partner…so she must be from another planet. It’s a softer edge to Bissett that works just as well as his upbeat songs.

“Proud” – SERGIO 

When interviewing SERGIO a while ago, you could tell he was someone who had two things figured out: his sound, and how he wants to stay true to making music he loves. You can see this reflected in his new song, “Proud”, which emphasizes all the hard work he has put in to get to where he is now.

SERGIO’s voice is smooth, clean-cut, and soothing, gently guiding you throughout the song filled with catchy pop sounds and passionate lyrics. “Proud” is a perfect example of how SERGIO can make a song both relatable and unique all in one.

“All I Want” – Simi 

Simi is a star in her own right: an actress, a songwriter, a singer, and a performer. She owns her own label, Studio Brat, which is where she’s releasing her next single, “All I Want” – and it’s every bit as fulfilling as the rest. An upbeat, encouraging song that is dedicated to finding love, Simi makes it all feel possible with this new single.

“All I Want” is her follow up to last year’s ballad, “Stranger”, which is an exemplification of her vocal range and songwriting ability. It’s rare to have someone who can do it all, but Simi seemingly does it with ease.

“Believe” – USHER

Fresh off a Super Bowl Halftime performance, USHER has had himself a year. An extended Vegas residency that draws A-list crowds (my roommate sat next to the Kardashian’s table), and now new music as the cherry on top of it all. “Believe” is everything you love about USHER: his traditional R&B sound, littered with vocal runs and sensual sounds.

“Believe” is your reminder that USHER isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. He looks as good as he did when he was performing “Somebody To Love” with Justin Bieber, and he sounds even better.

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