New Jersey Metalcore Band Fracture Goes Viral for Playing a Show at a Hockey Game


New Jersey metalcore band Fracture went viral after playing a show at a New Jersey Devils game on Thursday night. As if hockey wasn’t violent enough, someone had to go and add metalcore. Video of the show ended up in a few places on social media, most notably being shared on Twitter by popular sports blog Barstool Sports and particularly one of Barstool’s podcasts Spittin’ Chiclets, both of which showed off a video of the performance and people trying, with varying levels of success, to form a pit at a hockey game. “Devils fans are a different breed,” reads the caption from Barstool over the video in which one fan lumbers around carefully avoiding people with his fists, and another fan does a badass backflip.

Fracture thanked fans for making their show go viral, sharing their own video with even more footage of people hardcore dancing. New Jersey hardcore certainly does go hard. This video looks like a riot broke out on the set of Clerks 4.

The band share their gratitude with the fans:
“This is truly crazy. Massive thank you to everyone who showed up last night to support, dance, and have a great time, y’all made this shit go viral!!

“Let’s keep the hype going, extremely humbling we can’t thank you all enough for the love and support!

“Big shout out to @nickvillano for capturing this insane moment. You’re the whole reason this happened

“Lets do this again next year??

“#barstoolsports #spittingchicklets #viralvideos #metalcore #newjerseydevils”

For the record, Lambgoat reports that the Devils ended up losing the game to The Kings with a score of 2 to 1, but as The Kings didn’t have their own pit of fans hardcore dancing to metalcore, I think we all know which team walked away as the true victor on Thursday. It was The Kings, obviously, as winning is definitely better.

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