The Strangest Twist To The Trial Of The Fugees’ Pras

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Word on the street is, something CRAZY went down at the federal courthouse recently. Now, I ain’t one to gossip (CAP), but sources are buzzing about a bizarre incident involving David Kenner, the high-powered attorney that once repped Pras Michel. Some of us remember him for representing Suge Knight and Death Row Records back in the day. Kenner, known for his cool, unflappable style, almost mob-like demeanor. At some point, he rolled up to the courthouse for the start of Pras’s trial and things went totally left.

He stepped through the metal detector at the time of the trial and something is off. According to sources, the normally cool dude is extremely nervous, and seemingly agitated. And then, BLOOP, it happened. This is a scene straight out of a comedy flick, because the word is Kenner had an “accident” right there at the security checkpoint. And I am talking about exactly what you think I am talking about. 💩

The source I talked to said he literally kept going, because they are in court. Apparently, one of his team members had to jet back to his hotel, grab a fresh suit, and hustle it over to the courthouse. Imagine that scene? How can you even sit there and act like you are not sitting in poo all that time. I think I would just go home and recluse myself.

For context, this happened earlier this month an evidentiary hearing for Pras, spanning from January 10-12. I really need to look up why Pras was back in court, but I think he is working on countering his recent conviction. Pras dumped Kenner. On top of that, Kenner was accused of using AI to write his closing statement. He denies this. Clearly, they ARE NOT feeling him. He has to defend himself in open court against these allegations. I wonder how they determined he might be using AI in the first place.

Keep this on the low, but also spread the word. 🤐💬

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