Reader Poll: Who is Metal’s Biggest Asshole?


Metal’s full of fucking awesome men and women who make killer and share their passion for the music we all know and love. Yet in every scene there’s always that turd nugget that keeps showing their annoying face from time to time. Whether it’s a stupid fucking tweet or some insanely bad take on current events, any time we see their name, it’s met with an eye roll and a “this fuckin’ guy.”

That’s why today we’re opening up a reader poll to see out of these 21 names, so you guys think is the biggest asshole in metal. Looking at the list, you may see one or two people that are metal adjacent, but fuck it. We write about them enough that they’re honorary metal assholes, like Gene Simmons and Ted Nugent.

So let’s find out who the MetalSucks community thinks is the biggest asshole in this veritable who’s-who of dicks. We’ll run this one for a week or so, so be sure to keep an eye out for the results.

Who is metal’s biggest asshole?

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