Ozzy’s Planning Final Two Shows to Say “Goodbye to My Fans” in Birmingham


We’ve all kinda seen this coming for a while now, but it’s looking like it’s official. Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic heavy metal vocalist of Black Sabbath and solo fame, will tie a big black bow on his career after a pair of goodbye shows in his hometown of Birmingham, England.

The news came out of an exclusive report with Mirror.co.uk, in which Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon Osbourne revealed the existence and purpose of those two shows. According to Sharon, Ozzy won’t play anymore long running tours anymore, but he should be able to withstand the two shows, given his health condition.

“His voice is still absolutely perfect. And all the time he has been off he still does his singing lessons so his voice is perfect. And he can joke yeah. He has all these melodies in his head. Even if you don’t like his music you can’t not like Ozzy, he just draws you in.”

Sharon let that little bit of information slip while on stage in London for her “Cut the Crap” tour. While discussing the two shows, she suggested that the venue could be Aston Villa’s stadium Villa Park.

“He won’t tour again but we are planning on doing two more shows to say goodbye as he feels like ‘I have never said goodbye to my fans and I want to say goodbye properly’ We will do it in Aston Villa where Ozzy is from.”

At 75 years old, Ozzy’s health problems have been pretty well documented at this point. The man’s been suffering from some severe back issues after a near-fatal quad bike crash in 2003 caused some serious damage. That issue was exacerbated in 2019 after he fell down in his home.

Those same health issues caused Ozzy to cancel his entire touring schedule last year. At the time, it was initially reported that he was hanging it up for good, but the singer came out and cleared the air, saying those statements weren’t quite accurate.

“I’m not dead. I’m not going any-fucking-where. And I’m gonna go up and do some more gigs before I’m finished anyway.”

When more information becomes available regarding those two dates, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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