Halo’s Pablo Schreiber Is Dropping Truth Bombs About Season 1’s Failings, And Now I’m As Hopeful As Ever About Season 2


Halo Season 1, currently available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription, disappointed many longtime fans of the successful video game franchise. The series caught flak for many reasons, and star Pablo Schreiber proved he fully understands the complaints by dropping some real truth bombs about Season 1’s failings, which in turn has made me optimistic about Season 2 being a much more gamer-pleasing experience.

Pablo Schreiber leads the talented cast of Halo and took some time ahead of Season 2’s premiere on February 8th to chat with SFX Magazine. The actor made surprisingly candid remarks about his true feelings about Season 1 and even threw some shade at the parties responsible while instilling hope that Season 2 will be better. 

Pablo Schreiber Didn’t Agree With Halo’s Most Controversial Decision

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