Robert Downey Jr. Talked About Getting Close With His Oppenheimer Castmates And Took An A+ Jab At Matt Damon


Oppenheimer has a legendary ensemble cast which includes some of cinema’s biggest stars. Even with a cast so massive and a production so big, the group still found a way to get close and bond in an isolated filming environment at Los Alamos. Apparently, this closeness was essential to making the film tick, as Robert Downey Jr. opened up about how the cast has reconnected after the film was released. Of course, the actor also couldn’t help but infuse his signature RDJ charm and tease Matt Damon in the process.

Vanity Fair recently interviewed Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, and Cillian Murphy and the stars reflected on their experience working on the smash summer box office hit, Oppenheimer. The film is a long, sweeping, epic biopic, with lots of moving parts, and was helmed by the meticulous mind of director Christopher Nolan. After the pressure involved with making the film settled down and the movie released, the cast had to make an effort to reconnect and maintain their friendship after their obligations to the movie had come to an end. Downey said:

The film kind of went out there and went into its adolescence and its maturity, and [the cast] just kind of had to reconnect with each other. So we’re trying to hook up or FaceTime. I was going up to see [Emily] and crash at your pad. We just kinda like, tried to socially reintegrate…

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