Escuela Grind Vocalist Katerina Economou Suffers Minor Injuries During Show


New England-based hardcore band Escuela Grind was unable to complete a show in Dallas, Texas because their vocalist, Katerina Economou, was injured after somehow being launched from the stage into the middle of the pit. Before we start joking about the situation, let’s first make it clear that Economou is fine and only sustained a hairline fracture and a bruised shoulder. There, now that we know that nobody is seriously injured, we can get back to being our normal sarcastic selves.

The band posted a video of the incident on Instagram and, even from watching the video, it seems unclear what propelled Economou from the stage. Perhaps the energy of the show overtook the singer, or maybe there were tiny gremlins under the stage that really hated hardcore music. Regardless, the video shows that most of the people in the pit followed proper show etiquette and stopped to help Economou get back up. Who says hardcore can’t be wholesome?

In the post on the band’s Instagram account, the band assured fans that Economou was okay, and then took a moment to call out the venue for disrespecting the band:

“Dallas was so insane that @xsatanx was launched over a crowd, onto the floor in the middle of the pit.. (see slide 2) we didn’t get to finish our set.

Katerina has a small hairline fracture, and a bruised shoulder. They’re very lucky the doctor cleared them for the rest of these shows. we all know how bad this could’ve turned out, so everyone is grateful that it’s just gnarly bump

On another note, fuck the security guards who did no homework before working a hardcore show and disrespected every artist that walked into Cheapstakes. They treated every one of us like an enemy, and that’s not fucking cool. Venues and promoters, take note and make sure to educate your staff.

Also, plz teach them about pro-nouns”

Escuela Grind Vocalist Katerina Economou Suffers Minor Injuries During Show

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