Denzel Curry Celebrates End Of Kid Cudi & Lupe Fiasco Beef

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Denzel Curry appears to be yearning for new music from Playboi Carti following Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco publicly burying the hatchet.

On Sunday (January 20), Curry celebrated on Twitter (X) after Kid Cudi announced that he and Fiasco had finally reconciled their differences following a years-long feud. In addition to paying homage to Fiasco by sharing his mixtape deep cut “Much More” from the Chicago rapper’s Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds project, Curry appealed directly to both rappers in a tweet.

“Cudi & Lupe Thank You,” Curry wrote.

It appears not only did Curry feel motivated to reach out to Cudi and Fiasco but also to Carti, who he encourage to release the follow-up to Whole Lotta Red swiftly in another separate tweet.

“Sick of this n#### Carti pump faking man just drop the damn album,” he wrote.

Following an intense exchange on Twitter, Kid Cudi shared a lengthy tweet on January 20 in which he both apologized to Fiasco and admitted his faults in their years-long beef while also promising new music from the pair soon. Fiasco also acknowledged that all has been forgiven in a reply to Kid Cudi’s initial announcement.

“Sincerely appreciate it my guy,” Fiasco wrote. “peace & blessings.”

In 2018, Curry shared a story during an interview and referenced Fiasco’s debut album, Food and Liquor, which he remarked was a major source of inspiration for him early in life after his mother purchased the record for him at the mall. He also revealed that the first two albums he purchased before he started writing rhymes at the age of 12 were released by Fiasco.

Check out the full video below.

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