The Story Behind How Full House’s Creator Lost Out On His First Choice For Danny Tanner And Ultimately Cast Bob Saget


Any Full House aficionado should know that Bob Saget wasn’t the original Danny Tanner. That distinction goes to Teen Wolf alum John Posey. Of course, things worked out for the best after the original pilot was reshot. However, there was apparently another actor in the running to play the affable dad on one of TGIF’s greatest sitcoms. Four decades after the ABC sitcom hit the airwaves, its creator revealed how the story behind how he lost his first choice for the role and ultimately cast the late Saget.

Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, smiling on Full House.

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Who Was The First Choice for Danny Tanner?

Series creator Jeff Franklin opened up about the matter on the How Rude, Tanneritos! podcast, which launched with a big Bob Saget lovefest back in 2023. Franklin explained that most of the main roles were easy to cast, though that wasn’t exactly the case when it came to tapping someone for the San Francisco broadcaster. Interestingly, the creator spilled to hosts (and series alums) Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber that another sitcom veteran was actually pitched to the show’s casting director before he signed on for another notable small-screen comedy. The sitcom impresario said:

All the other roles fell into place beautifully, and [we] just couldn’t find the right guy for Danny. When the show was first picked up, I said to my casting directors, ‘I have two names on my list. I want either Paul Reiser [, who was] a really hot actor at the time. That would’ve been a big get at that point. And he was thinking about it. He was weighing either Full House or this other show called My Two Dads. … There was another show on NBC. That’s the one Paul took. I knew him, I called him up and was like, ‘Paul, what are you doing? Three dads are better than two, and we have three kids, and you’ve only got one. Can’t you see?’

Paul Reiser on Diner

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So it would seem that Paul Reiser could’ve been the cleaning-obsessed father of three if the NBC sitcom My Two Dads hadn’t gotten on his radar. Ultimately, that family sitcom ended up becoming a cult classic despite its out-of-box concept. Though one could argue that the actor could’ve been a fit for Danny, Reiser’s character on the Michael Jacobs-created show seemed to suit him a bit better. 

The comedy ultimately ran for three seasons from 1987 to 1990. While notable, the series wouldn’t be Paul Reiser’s biggest claim to sitcom fame. That’s because he eventually found success on another classic sitcom – NBC’s Mad About You, which premiered in 1992 and eventually earned him Primetime Emmy nominations. But moving back to the late 1980s, Jeff Franklin had a big decision to make when it came to casting Danny Tanner due to Reiser being out of the picture.

Dave Coulier and Bob Saget on Full House

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How Did Bob Saget Eventually Become Danny Tanner?

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