Naomi Sharon Releases New Song ‘Nothing Sweeter’


Three months after releasing her debut album, Naomi Sharon is back with a new single, “Nothing Sweeter.” 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the acoustic ballad beautifully illustrates the early moments of a romantic connection.

Sharon sings in the chorus: “Nothing hits like the first kiss / The way you make me wait / Anticipate the taste / Open up to what it is / Nothing sweeter than this / Nothing hits like the first kiss / Body and soul aligned.”

“‘Nothing Sweeter’ is a vulnerable song that captures the fragility of falling in love,” explains Sharon. “There’s an indescribable magic in the first kiss with the one you love. Regardless of what follows, that initial kiss remains unmatched and unforgettable.”

Naomi Sharon Obsidian album coverNaomi Sharon Obsidian album cover
OVO Sound

As noted above, “Nothing Sweeter” is Sharon’s first taste of new music since releasing her debut album, Obsidian, on Oct. 20, 2023, via Drake’s OVO Sound.

The album is laden with gems like “Another Life,” “Time and Trust,” and “Push” featuring Omah Lay.

“Obsidian is a protective stone that shields against negative energy. Given its sharpness, the stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth itself,” explained Sharon.

“I called this album Obsidian as it’s about rebirth, confrontation and healing. [Obsidian] is just me being very vulnerable and that’s something that I’m missing in the industry right now.”

Obsidian was among Rated R&B’s 25 Best R&B Albums of 2023 list. 

Stream Naomi Sharon’s new song “Nothing Sweeter” below.

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