‘I Wouldn’t Watch It’: John Wick’s Ian McShane Slams The Continental Prequel Series About His Character Winston


Although the John Wick franchise was able to expand beyond the core film series prior to 2023 thanks to some video games and a tie-in comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment, last year marked its entry into the television realm. Peacock subscribers were able to watch the three-episode limited series The Continental, which explored Winston Scott’s origins in the 1970s. Colin Woodell starred as Winston in the prequel, but it turns out that Ian McShane, who plays the older Winston in the John Wick movies, is not remotely interested in watching this series.

McShane slammed The Continental while promoting his new movie American Star in an interview with MovieWeb, not mincing words by calling this John Wick tie-in project a “cash grab.” He explained his feelings about it thusly:

No, I wouldn’t watch it. I have no intentions – nobody – I don’t think Keanu watched it, neither has Chad. It had nothing to do with our movies. It’s just a question of a TV company cashing in on the series and taking the option to [air?]. They never asked us about anything so why would I be interested in seeing it? I’m afraid their arrogance in getting the show out is beyond me so I wish them well. I think it’s come and gone, hasn’t it?

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