Gama Bomb Release Shirt to Benefit UNICEF’s Children In Gaza Crisis Appeal


The devastation that gone on in Gaza since the heinous October 7 terror attacks committed by Hamas has been devastating. Though no one in their right mind should ever try to justify the murder of Israeli civilians, it’s not a stretch to call the response by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government one of the most brutal acts of collective punishment against a civilian population the world’s seen in a long time.

Given the sheer devastation and toll on human life, some metal acts are doing their part to help lessen the strife experienced by Palestinians caught in the crossfire — especially the region’s entirely innocent children. Yesterday we shared a killer 121-song compilation that will donate all proceeds to MECA for Peace and today we’ve got an effort by the insanely awesome lads in Gama Bomb.

The Irish thrash metal band has joined forces with their merch company O Merch in the U.K. to offer a special shirt that features the band’s logo draped in the Palestinian flag. All income generated from the shirt’s sales will go directly to the UNICEF Children In Gaza Crisis Appeal.

For Gama Bomb vocalist Philly Byrne and the rest of the band, this issue is an incredibly important and at times a personal one.

“When I watch the news and see children dying and living in terror in Gaza, it’s not a ‘complicated’ political issue – it’s a human issue.

“Metalheads are compassionate people. We’re generous. But we need to do more to help Gaza, whether it’s buying a tee like this or just donating to UNICEF, MSF or another organisation on the ground there.
This is happening right now. You need to act.

“And metalheads should call for a ceasefire. Two of us grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles and we know violence only makes more violence and extremism. Only peace works.

“Our new t-shirt is just a way of using our teeny, tiny, stupid platform to do the right thing. If we reach one person who donates, and it helps even one child, this is all worth it.”

To put all of it into perspective, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor estimates that as of today, 32,246 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli military actions. Of those individuals, 29,720 were civilians with a staggeringly devastating 12,660 of those deaths being children. An additional 62,634 people have been injured in the fighting since October 7, with 1.9 MILLION people displaced from their homes.

So regardless of whether you’re pro-Israel, pro-Palestine, or just ambivalent, the facts remain the same. Children are needlessly dying in Gaza and those that remain need assistance. The least you can do is buy a great shirt from a great band and pitch in a little bit.

Gama Bomb Release Shirt to Benefit UNICEF’s Children In Gaza Crisis Appeal

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