Drake accuses “journalistic world” of “cashing out on negativity”


Drake has accused the media for “cashing out on negativity”.

Earlier this week, the Canadian rap juggernaut shared a clip of retired American football coach Nick Saban talking about giving young people the space to recover, and allowing athletes second chances should they make a mistake. The video was pulled from a 2014 college football game press conference.

“I feel strong about this now — really strong — about all the criticism out there of every guy that’s 19-years-old makes a mistake and you all kill him,” the coach said in the video. “And some people won’t stand up for him, so my question to you is: where do you want him to be? Do you want to condemn them ’til a life sentence or do you want the guy to have his children going to Princeton?”

Drake wrote a note beneath the embedded video that read: “Journalistic world cashing out on negativity and discouraging the youth from finding their way more now than ever… The noise is all calculated keep pushing forward.”

Last year, media personality Akademiks posted a clip of tenured rap journalist Elliott Wilson doing a backstage interview at a Rolling Loud Festival. Underneath, Drake commented: “Lol man shits on not coming to his platform for a second time and now Elliott 10 does doing Yes Julz run-up interviews at Rolling Loud. [J]ust admit the youth took over big dog.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Wilson addressed Drake’s comments. Per HipHopDX, he wrote, “Moment of clarity: No disrespect to Lil Boat, Yachty’s convo with the boy was comfy and had some cool moments” – referring to when Drake was interviewed on Lil Yachty‘s A Safe Place podcast, then called A Moody Conversation.

Wilson continued: “I was more so clowning the comedy shenanigans with outsiders to our culture. It would be great to hear Drake speak to us [hip-hop journalists] again. Even if it ain’t me.”

This comment was made at the same time clips from podcaster Bobbi Althoff‘s interview with Drake went viral.

Fellow rap legend Chuck D shared the same sentiment as Drake and launched his own “culture media” app called Bring The Noise. On the Cuomo show, the Public Enemy member said: “I think culture media is greater than social media. Social media, you got everybody in a sandbox.”

He also said that culture media is all about “the music, the craft, the art, and it’s not uninviting to 35 and under.” He further explained: “I just think social media’s all over the place. Everybody feels like they got a mic and a camera and they’re a superstar so I’m just like, ‘Cool, stay there if you want to,’ but you could go to BringTheNoiseApp.com.”

In other news, Drake made headlines after he replied to Yasiin Bey. The Black Star rapper was asked in an interview if he classed the ‘For All The Dogs’ rapper “hip-hop” – to which he said he is a “pop” star whose music is “compatible with shopping.”

Drake also postponed the start of his ‘It’s All A Blur’ tour with J. Cole, which was due to kick off this week.

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