The Story Behind How The Actor Who Played The Iconic Glen Coco Ended Up In Mean Girls


The Mean Girls movie musical was one of the most anticipated movies on the 2024 release schedule, and had big shoes to fill. The beloved 2004 teen movie has some iconic movie moments and quotes from the film have lived on in the hearts and minds of fans. One of the lines that have stood the test of time is: “Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco,” which happens when the comedic character Damian is handing out Christmas candy to a classroom. The line delivery is perfect, and as a result, the scene became iconic. There has been a lot of intrigue about the OG Glen Coco, and how he ended up in Mean Girls, and the story is almost as amazing as the hilarious movie moment. 

The Glen Coco Moment From Mean Girls

In the film, new girl Cady Heron and her unpopular artsy friends Damian and Janice try to infiltrate the popular group of mean girls to take them down. They do this through Cady befriending the group, and becoming a popular girl herself while simultaneously messing with their heads. One way they do this is getting into the head of popular girl Gretchen Weiners, who is secretly very insecure about her friendship with the other popular girls. When it comes time for the students to exchange Christmas candy grams, Cady and her friends arrange for Gretchen not to receive any, but for the other students to receive many. 

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