Five For Friday: January 19, 2024


Greetings, Decibel readers!

Those of you who like to inhabit the borderlands between thrash and death metal will be very happy with the first three albums on this week’s list. Those of you who just want to hear the new Vemod will be happy too.


Boundless Chaos – Sinister Upheaval

Deadlier than what you might expect from Dying Victims Productions, but of no less quality. Boundless Chaos play a punchy, catchy and thrashy take on death metal that will get you headbanging till you just have to smash yourself through the window.

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Master – Saints Dispelled

Speaking of catchy death metal, Master is back once again! You know what to expect from Paul Speckmann and company, and you know you can expect it to be good.

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Sovereign – Altered Realities

Along the very same lines, we get the debut full-length from Norway’s Sovereign, an album that occupies the borderlines between late-stage techy thrash metal and early death metal. Fans of Coroner early Pestilence will be happy in this alternate reality.

Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon

And now for something different. If you’re more in the mood for Gothenburg riffs and Darkest Hour-style vocals, then Upon Stone is the perfect mix of mid-90s nostalgia and mid-2000s nostalgia, but delivered with a refreshingly raw edge. The drums blast, the vocals rasp, the guitars gleam, and the past is alive!

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Vemod – The Deepening

And now for something REALLY different. It’s been so long since Vemod‘s debut album that I’d forgotten just how much I’d longed for the band’s glorious return. And while I’ll always be partial to Venter På Stormene, I cannot deny the sweeping majesty captured on this more polished effort.

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