Are The Feds Looking At Lil Durk?

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The Streets Are Buzzing In The Aftermath of FBG Duck’s Murder!

The streets are talking and the word is heavy. I was scared to pick it up, but I cannot deny what I am seeing. Lil Durk is reportedly the next subject on the mind of feds in the wake of FBG Duck’s tragic murder. It’s a story unfolding with twists and turns that could shake up the entire music industry, especially in Chicago.

So, the word is there is some snitching going on. Following a guilty verdict in the case surrounding FBG Duck‘s murder, the talk in the hood is that Durk’s name has been tossed around from one or more of the. six guys convicted in the murder. The feds are rumored to be setting their sights on The Jay-Z of Chicago. This is pretty crazy stuff, because Durk has been on the low and narrow, living a very positive life. “All My Life” was a major, major hit, but does that change anything? (I will answer this at the end of the post!)

FBG Duck, a Chicago legend in his own right, was tragically taken from us, leaving a void in the heart of the city’s music scene. The city has been mourning, and now it seems like the fallout is reaching new heights. Sources are saying that the situation mirrors the case of Quando Rondo, where they have been following him until the got something on him. He’s in the bing now, fighting for his freedom again. There’s chatter that similar strategies could be employed in Durk’s case. By the way and for the record, there is NO case presently against Durk. Honestly, I just think that they are nervous.

It is no mystery that Durk and Duck were enemies. On The Voice, he made it a point to call Duck’s name out, even though he had died by then. The message is clear with Duck and others: the decisions you make today can seal your fate tomorrow. As for Durk, the people will just have to watch and wait. This story is far from over.

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