Twisted Metal Season 2: Everything We Know About The Peacock Series’ Return


It’s safe to say that 2023 was one of the best years for video game TV and movies, at least in recent memory if not all time, and there’s plenty of proof to back that up. One explosive piece of proof is Peacock original series Twisted Metal, which turned one of PlayStation’s very first exclusive titles into a hilarious and bloody thrill ride that defied expectations. Considering the way things wrapped up in the Season 1 finale, it should come as no surprise that more vehicular combat is on the way.

Fans of the show can join us in celebrating that not only is Twisted Metal Season 2 happening, but we actually already know quite a few details at this early stage in the game. Stick around as we pop the hood and break down everything we know so far about the show returning to those with Peacock subscriptions.

What Is The Twisted Metal Season 2 Premiere Date?

The Twisted Metal show logo

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Though Peacock officially announced Twisted Metal‘s renewal in December 2023, the streaming platform didn’t disclose a premiere date or window for the show’s return. As of this writing, no details about timing have been announced, but we’re almost certain we won’t see a second round of action until at least late in the 2024 TV schedule. Even that is optimistic, though, and if we’re being realistic, Twisted Metal probably won’t return until some point in 2025.

Anthony Mackie Will Once Again Lead The Twisted Metal Cast

Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz on Twisted Metal

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The main players from the Twisted Metal cast will return for the show’s second season, meaning fans of the dynamic shared by Anthony Mackie’s John Doe and Stephanie Beatriz’s Quiet are in for a familiar treat when Season 2 debuts.

Anthony Mackie (John Doe)

John Doe in Peacock's Twisted Metal

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Sitting atop the cast again is Anthony Mackie, who will play the mysterious John Doe in Twisted Metal Season 2. The last time we saw Mackie’s wise-cracking and ass-kicking character, he was being tasked with serving as Raven’s (Neve Campbell) driver in an upcoming tournament. This isn’t Mackie’s only high-profile project, either, as he is set to reprise his role as Sam Wilson in the forthcoming Captain America: Brave New World.

Stephanie Beatriz (Quiet)

Stephanie Beatriz on Twisted Metal

(Image credit: Peacock)

Quiet’s story was far from being complete in Twisted Metal Season 1, so we’ll see the mourning sibling’s quest continue when the show eventually returns. We can also expect to hear former Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz voicing one of the main characters in the upcoming Amazon original series, Hazbine Hotel.

Will Arnett (Sweet Tooth)

Terry in dark hallway in Murderville: Who Killed Santa

(Image credit: Netflix)

Will Arnett provided the voice for the deranged Sweet Tooth during the first season of Twisted Metal, and that’ll again be the case when the show returns. Arnett previously told CinemaBlend he was influenced by the Joker when bringing the character to life, and we can’t wait to see more.

Samoa Joe (Sweet Tooth)

Samoa Joe on AEW

(Image credit: AEW)

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe delivered in bringing out the physicality and hulking presence of Sweet Tooth throughout Twisted Metal Season 1, even if his vocal cords went unheard. That’ll again be the case for the wrestler-turned-actor when the show returns.

Twisted Metal Season 2 Will Introduce Other Iconic Characters Like Calypso, Axel, And Mr. Grimm

Calypso in Twisted Metal 2

(Image credit: Sony)

Twisted Metal Season 1 obviously included several memorable characters from the video game franchise, like Sweet Tooth, Agent Stone, Mr. Slam, Preacher, Blood Mary, and Twister. That said, some of the franchise’s most iconic figures were nowhere to be found, or were only referenced in passing. Expect to see more familiar drivers when Season 2 arrives, which showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith shared with NBC Insider in December 2023.

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