One Member Of The Cast Of Disney’s Wish Already Knows What The Disneyland Ride Should Look Like, And I Love It


Being cast in a Disney movie is a big deal for any actor, but while seeing a character you created come to life on the big screen is cool, when you do it for Disney, so much more is possible. A character in a Disney movie can come to life in a truly real sense through an attraction at Disney Parks. One member of the cast of Disney’s Wish says seeing her character at Disneyland would be a dream come true.

I had the opportunity to speak with Angelique Cabral, the voice of near villain Queen Amaya in Wish, ahead of the announcement that Wish will be released on digital platforms on January 23. I asked her about the possibility of seeing Queen Amaya at Disneyland, and she revealed that she’s a huge fan of the theme park, which has been a special place to her since her first trip there as a child. She explained…

I was raised by a single mom. I think the first time we could afford to go I think I was six or seven. She like saved her money to buy us tickets. And it was like a big, big big deal. And my cousin Edie who I grew up with, she was almost like my aunt but Edie McClurg, she is a big voice-over actress and so we stayed at Edie’s house and then we drove to Disneyland and I remember the first time I went was for New Year’s Eve and it was so special. So to me, it’s full circle because I grew up in Disney has always been special and it’s always been a place for me and my mom especially. There’s magic there, and I take my kids at least two or three times a year. I’m obsessed with it.

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