Chris Cuomo Reportedly Commented On A Fellow CNN Alum’s Bikini Post To Call Her ‘Tinsel Crotch’


Chris Cuomo has found himself embroiled in a few notable controversies over the past several years. Among them are his termination from CNN in 2021 as well as a matter involving sexual assault allegations, which occurred that same year. Now, someone else is making claims against the noted newsman, and it’s someone he worked with during his time on the Cable News Network (which experienced a CEO shakeup last summer). Angela Rye, who shared the sentiments during a recent discussion, that Cuomo created an “embarrassing” situation for her when he previously commented on a bikini post of hers. Rye specifically alleges that her former colleague referred to her as “tinsel crotch.”

Angela Rye worked with CNN for several years, before she was ultimately dropped from the network in 2021. During her stint with the company, she served as a regular contributor for Cuomo Prime Live. Rye just began co-hosting the Native Land Podcast alongside Andrew Gillum and Tiffany Cross and made her claim against Cuomo (who currently works at NewsNation) during the premiere episode. She did so in an attempt to explain why she supposedly parted ways with the network. The 44-year-old news pundit said it stemmed from a situation that happened on New Year’s Day 2021, when she dropped the aforementioned post. While on the podcast (which was shared to YouTube), she laid out the reported matter as such:

It all began on New Year’s Day [2021] when I posted a picture of myself looking forward to the New Year in a gold sequin bikini on Instagram. Cuomo screen-shot the image and said, ‘Happy New Year, tinsel crotch.’ Stunned, I read and reread the message a dozen times, trying to understand if I somehow brought this on myself. Since whatever you post on social [media] is fair game, right? I teared up, like now, and then the tears flowed, I felt like the safest place I had on a show on CNN had been compromised. I ignored it, just hoping it would go away or even more, did I imagine it? But I didn’t.

Angela Rye on The Tough Conversations

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The ESPN reporter recalled that Chris Cuomo allegedly tried to text her “hello” shortly after and avoided attempts to discuss work with her over text. Supposedly, Cuomo was looking to touch base with her about a new segment idea for the show. As she put it, Cuomo “was suddenly excited about a prominent role for me where I would ‘check the left.’” Angela Rye said she eventually touched base with him about a week later to see “if he still wanted to discuss his work idea despite him mentioning tinsel bikini and tinsel bottom along the way.” 

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