‘No Season 2’: Swarm’s Dominique Fishback Shares How She Feels About The Amazon Show Not Getting More Episodes


What you should know about Amazon’s Swarm is that it’s a wild ride. This satirical comedy-horror series follows a young woman, Dre, who makes desperate attempts to get close to a Beyoncé-esque pop star, to the point of committing murder. It was a compelling tale and one that was self-contained, as it looks like it’ll indeed remain a limited series. With the series not getting any more new episodes, Dominique Fishback, who took on the lead role shared her feelings about her stint playing Dre being over.

This series is easily one of the best Amazon Prime original shows to binge-watch, in great part because of how addictive it is. It’s allusions to “stan” culture are also incredibly compelling. The Donald Glover-produced series told a dark story story, and Dominque Fishback absolutely shined as the lead of the Swarm cast. While talking about the production’s conclusion with People, Fishback explained that it “always” meant to be a miniseries. While some may be disappointed that the story is over, the actress herself seems to be at peace with it:

No season 2. But I’m OK with that. I’m OK with that because I feel like the shock factor of the first season really got people — and sometimes when you try to go back in there, I don’t want it to be shock for shock value. You want it to really to end on a high.

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