All That Remains are Finally Recording New Material


All That Remains just dropped some serious hints on X that they are finally back in the recording studio, hopefully making their first record since 2018.

Vocalist Phil Labonte shared a clip on his account which you can see below showing himself in the recording studio, and you even get to hear a brief few seconds of some of the new material—or so we assume.

Then, in replying to user comments, he replied the clip was himself and the rest of the band, and said in another comment to a fan that new music should be out in the upcoming year.

Their last record, Victim of the New Disease, came out in November of 2018, and right before it was released, guitarist Oli Hebert mysteriously passed away. No one knows exactly what happened with Herbet’s death, but there is a lot of speculation, since he died a week after signing his own will. Some have blamed his widow for foul play or knowing more about the death, and in 2022, she insinuated that another woman may have been the cause of his death.

All that drama put a serious damper on the band releasing new music, though they did tease in 2020 that they were working on their first songs without Herbert and hoped to release something in 2021. While we never saw the results of those recording sessions, obvious COVID complications could have held things up. But we do know they have been attempting to put out new music for a while now.

In 2022, former bassist Matt Deis rejoined the band. He initially quit in 2005, but is now back in the lineup. Conversely, drummer Jason Costa left the band this past summer after being with the group for 17 years.

With the false start a few years ago, we’re not getting our hopes up too high, but hopefully this will finally be the year we hear some new All That Remains material.

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