Coi Leray Claims Latto Needs To “Make Better Decisions”  To Promote Unity Among Black Women 

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Coi Leray is frustrated over Latto mentioning her body in a song lyric claiming the “Big Energy” hitmaker needs to “make better decisions.” 

The “Players” rapper addressed Latto’s “blunt big as Coi Leray” lyric during the latest episode of Angie Martinez’s IRL Podcast.  

“Nobody should be mentioning me period,” she began. “As Black women in the industry, the only way that the world is gonna go round in our world the way we want it to, is if we come together. Deadass.” 

Leray said comments like Latto’s undermine the mission to “spread body positivity” before highlighting the struggles artists like herself and Lizzo face for their stance.  

“We trying to change that. So it don’t make it right for you to keep making it a thing,” Coi Leray added. 

“You can talk about my body,” she continued. “But when its coming from someone that a lot of little girls look up to, a lot of people highly respect … then it’s like, no. You have to make better decisions on how you want to handle your career.” Check out the episode below.

Coi Leray has expressed her with Latto before. She initially took the name check as disrespect before admitting she might have overacted

The pair appeared to have settled their differences after Latto shouted out Coi Leray at Coachella. 

“Ay Coi, by the way, I love your body baby,” she said after performing “Put It On Da Floor.” 

“It was the diss record with my name on it that confused me,” Coi Leray tweeted. “Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment.”

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