Dakota Johnson’s Trippy Madame Web Trailer Seemingly Makes Spider-Man Into A Killer


The superhero genre’s continued popularity has resulted in a number of share universes being formed. Sony has tried to make one of its own, based off characters from Spider-Man lore (although Tom Holland hasn’t showed up yet). One of these upcoming movies is S.J. Clarkson’s Madame Web, which stars Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney. The first trailer for Madame Web is here, and it’s a trippy ride that seemingly makes Spider-Man into a killer. Let’s break it all down.

What we know about Madame Web has been fairly limited, but that’s changing now that we’ve been treated to the movie’s first footage. The trailer (which can be seen above) introduces us to a variety of new characters, with Johnson’s Cassandra Webb having vision of the future and repeated encounters with a masked killer who is seemingly in a Spider-Man suit. Is anyone else’s head spinning? 

The above trailer opens on Cassandra with a group of young women, including Sydney Sweeney‘s Julia Carpenter. But they’re suddenly attacked by what looks like an alternate version of Spider-Man in a black suit. They’re all seemingly killed, before she goes back in time and attempts to re-do this fight. And it looks like she’s going to be doing this a number of times throughout the movie’s runtime.

The masked Spider-Man character in Madame Web

(Image credit: Sony)

What’s interesting is that the word “Spider-Man” is never uttered throughout this trailer, so it seems like we might be in an alternate universe. The killer certainly isn’t Tom Holland’s web slinger, although we learn that he did seemingly have his own interaction with a radioactive spider. Truly there are way more questions than answers in this first Madame Web footage. 

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