John Wick’s Director Thought The First Movie Was Going ‘Straight To Video.’ Instead It Made Nearly Nine Figures


In 2023, John Wick is one of the greatest action franchises in Hollywood, which so far consists of four movies and a TV show, and has more projects on the way. But back in 2014, the title assassin played by Keanu Reeves was an unknown commodity, arriving in a month that also delivered movies like Gone Girl, Whiplash and Birdman. In fact, director Chad Stahelski was convinced the first John Wick movie would go “straight to video”; instead, it ended up making nearly nine figures.

Stahelski, who co-helmed John Wick with David Leitch (although he is credited as a producer), reflected on his initial expectation for how the movie would be delivered to and received by the masses while chatting with Yahoo. In his words:

You have to remember that in 2014, nobody knew John Wick. Keanu was doing smaller films. We, Honest to God, believed no one was going to see the movie. We thought we were going straight to video.

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