The Osbourne Kids Dug Up Sharon’s 1978 Disco Song “You Can Strike Oil in Hollywood”


Did you know Sharon Osbourne once wrote a disco song? Did you want to know that? Well, now you do, for better or worse, and you can even stream it.

On the latest episode of the Osbournes’ podcast, Sharon shared the bygone disco song “You Can Strike Oil in Hollywood.” It dropped in 1978 and was recorded under group moniker The Sheikettes.

On The Osbournes Podcast, Jack says to Ozzy:

“You are not the only singer in this family. Who knew Kelly and I came from such greatness when it comes to music?”

He then played the song on the podcast, laughing at the corny disco vibes.

Afterward, Sharon adds:

“This is why we did it. … There is a house on Sunset Boulevard, and it’s an ugly white house now …  It used to be a beautiful white classic home … I went into the house several times and it had an unbelievable speakeasy.

“Anyway, the house was up for sale, and a young Arab couple bought it, and the wife filled the garden … with plastic flowers. … It was so ridiculous that it made the news … and people used to come down on the weekend to [see the house] … and this young Arab couple loved it, so then they got statues of women naked … so that the traffic would keep looking at their house. And then, they fell out and the chauffeur set fire to the house and it burned down.”

Yikes… Considering the cringey “snake charmer music” at the beginning of the track, maybe this one didn’t age so well. Then again, based on her recent comments about greedy promoters at Ozzfest in the past, maybe it’s just the show of opulence that really got under her skin back then. Either way… woof.

The song was written with Carol Connors, who co-wrote the Rocky theme song “Gonna Fly Now,” and another collaborator, Avril Giacobbi, so obviously multiple people thought it was a good idea at the time. The track was released as a vinyl single on her father, Don Arden’s label, Jet Records.

Check out the song below, and let the games begin.

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