Jeff Probst Had A Huge Reaction To Survivor’s First Flash Forward Scene


There are long running reality competition shows, and then there’s Survivor. CBS’ groundbreaking show is currently in the midst of its whopping 45th season on the air, with fans treated to 90 minute Survivor episodes. The show is known for its wild twists, and the most recent episode “The Thorn in My Thumb” featured a first for the franchise: a flash forward scene that showed some of what goes down at Tribal Council. And even Jeff Probst had a huge reaction to Survivor’s first flash forward sequence.

Jeff Probst (aka the internet’s “zaddy”) has been hosting Survivor since Day 1, and he’s also the show’s producer and showrunner. You think he wouldn’t be surprised by the show as a result, but that’s not the case. It turns out the was taken back by the way the newest episode shared footage of Tribal Council while the castaways were still scrambling on the beach. On the most recent episode of the On Fire podcast, Probst spoke about his strong reaction to seeing that flash forward. In his words: 

Here’s this scenario. I’m on my back deck calmly sitting. It’s a Saturday morning, I’m drinking a cup of coffee and I’m watching this episode. And when I saw this moment, I was so inspired that I unconsciously sort of jumped out of my chair. I splashed coffee all over my MacBook because I was racing to get my phone to call the editor Fred Hawthorne to ask where this inspired idea came from.

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