Hell’s Kitchen Sneak Peek: Always Meat Your Heroes!


You know how the saying goes: well, screw it.

We say: Always meet your heroes!

With Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 being all about that American dream and chasing them, it only feels right that a contestant or two may get to live out a dream by meeting an idol.

Yes, TV Fanatic scored another exclusive clip from tonight’s all-new episode!

The competition is winding down, and the teams are dwindling as we get closer to discovering who will take home the coveted win and all the glory that comes with it.

The Blue and Red teams have been going strong, overcoming their fair share of obstacles and all the challenges that Gordon Ramsay throws at them.

And it’s still hard to say who will come out ahead this season and make it to the finals.

Will we see the women or men triumph?

For the most part, both teams keep bouncing back and forth with which team comes out ahead, making it difficult to predict things.

During Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Episode 6, the contestants faced a fun challenge, including fusion foods.

They had a guest judge, Tony Messina, there to help Ramsay choose the best dishes during the challenge.

The Blue Team walked away as the competition winners and spent a fun day playing bubble soccer while the Red Team dealt with their punishment.

But the real drama came during the dinner service.

It consisted of the Red Team kickstarting a fire in their kitchen, but it ended with a solid performance by both teams, namely the Blue Team.

Despite a series of mishaps, it was the strongest performance in the kitchen thus far during this season.

And Ramsay was sure to note that and commend some of the contestants for their performance and respective dishes.

Sadly, dealing with some health issues and the like, Brad, one of the more fun contestants this season, had to exit the series after the dinner service.

But that didn’t stop Ramsay from requesting two nominations for the bottom from each team.

The Red Team put Raneisha and Sandra at the bottom, while the Blue Team put Jermaine and Jason at the bottom.

Despite a kerfuffle amongst the Blue Team over the nominees, that was the final result.

But in the end, it was Raneisha who went home.

It wasn’t all that surprising after her rough performance in the kitchen and her history of issues.

For Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 Episode 7, it’s a smoking-hot hour.

Why? Because the contestants will face a BBQ challenge.

It’s a little different than we typically see on the series, and the guest judge for the hour will be Pit Master Aaron Franklin.

They’ll have to put those grill skills to the test.

Amid all the heated competition, the hour will feature many celebrities as the dinner service is full.

And there’s certainly a variety when it comes to those famous faces.

We’ll catch a glimpse of musical superstar G-Eazy, Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison, and Miss Idaho and Miss California.

In our exclusive clip of the star-studded hour, we see firsthand Aaron Franklin’s introduction to the series and contestants.

To say Leigh is starstruck would be an understatement.

She gets more than emotional when she sees him come out ahead of the BBQ challenge and shares that she and her husband are huge fans of his.

It’s adorable and worth checking out.

So check out the exclusive clip below, and hit the comments with all of your thoughts.

Hell’s Kitchen returns with an all-new episode tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

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