Rick Ross, Meek Mill Compare Their Viral Botched Dives In Hilarious Video 

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“Mine more legendary,” Rick Ross said before clowning Meek Mill’s viral dive that saw him belly flop into the swimming pool.  

Rick Ross and Meek Mill have both gone viral with botched dive attempts that spread like wildfire on social media. 

Thankfully, the MMG duo are able to laugh at themselves and each other, and they did just that during a recent interview. They were asked to rate their respective flops in a chat with Complex. 

“Mine more legendary,” Rick Ross said before clowning Meek Mill’s viral dive. “Yo! Oh my God. That’s one of the greatest flops in the history of flops. N#### jumped off, ain’t get no distance off the side, went high and came down the cup.” 

The internet trolled the Philly-bred rapper for weeks after a video of his belly-flopping dive went viral.

Meek Mill tried to explain that the “cup’ is a “cultural thing,” amid fits of laughter from Rick Ross and the crew. “In Philly when we dive, we cup. You got to make it hit your stomach,” he clarified. “But it ain’t a belly flop.” 

Meek Mill tried to redeem himself with a video of him doing a “clean” dive. “This my little dive I send to my checks when they be sending me Instagram memes,” he said, showing off a clip of a graceful entry into the pool. 

Rozay was the talk of social media after footage emerged of his pool antics at a pool party at his “Promise Land” estate in Georgia over the summer. His legs buckled as he attempted to show off his diving skills, leading him to flop into the water.  

“Ross just f##### up right here,” Meek Mill said as he watched a clip of the MMG honcho’s dive. “His springboard is so bouncy.” 

Ross explained, “So I blew out my knee,” adding, “I blew out my s###, I ain’t gon’ lie. I felt real pain, but I got out and dove again.” Check out the clip below and watch the interview here.


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