Knoll Announce LP, Share Debut Title Track


Doomy grinders Knoll just graced us with some really good news: Their third album, As Spoken, will be out January 26, and they shared the first track from the release.

The band say about the forthcoming album:

“Akin to the unveiling of relics carved from an oaken slab, lesser so to that which artisan may conjure from nothing, Knoll seeks the most subtractive of efforts in its offerings. The method is un-pinnable, yet is as such: Something must be wrought from something else. Its materials predate their misuse; its result contradicts their lessening. A distillation of ingredients leaving but the brittle corpses of what was once unwarped by a wicked sieve—a wholly negative artifact as its response. And yet, they are familiar, as if these bringings have not been made, but rather freed.

“It is, then, the utmost purpose as sculptors, to be the conduits of an inhuman goal. That of an infinite testament, unmarred by the collection of dust, and outwardly dedicated to this prospect of impermeable meaning. It is not to say that the arbiter of such works is to be maligned, & especially not to put forth fronts in order to appear so, but that its output must be willed to suffer within these confines, lest it is worthless.

“There exists here an affinity for the old and macabre, as well as for profuse literature and its ornaments, however not rooted in lust for their obvious and sometimes shallow aesthetic uses. Instead, as constituent references to a heightened period of artistic value, and emphasis on a deathly, morose world of creations that one may choose to see exclusively. Our namesake, an archaic term, arises from the funeral custom of a mourning bell rung in the leavings of death.

“It is within this moniker that we put ourselves in leanings of things ended, endings, and that which must, shall, and will end. Bygone matters of antiquity and those to be antiquated are preserved within the formless ghost of music unto time immemorial. We bring this ideal to you in its first manifestation, As Spokena lecture of dilapidated language & its propensity to become riddled with sickness when kept.

You can hear for yourself by streaming the new single below:

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