Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Stabbed Li Shin?


Who stabbed Li Shin in the back? Was it Gabi?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kelly and MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate who stabbed Li, if EJ and Nicole’s marriage will last, if Stephanie and Chad should call it quits, and more.

Plus, was this year’s Halloween installment a hit or a miss? See what our round table team has to say.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Li has been literally stabbed in the back! Do you think Gabi did it, and if not, then who? Do you hope Li survives?

Kelly: I don’t think it’s Gabi only because that’s too obvious. Maybe Clyde sent someone to stab Tripp, and they got it wrong, although then he’d lose his leverage over Ava.

No one really wanted Li dead, so it’s hard to say.

Jack: I doubt it’s Gabi. It’s too obvious. I think someone framed her. However, I do think she’ll go to prison or else go on the run until this is straightened out.

EJ had said that he was going to get back on top and get some revenge, too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he called someone to kill Li and make it look like Gabi did it.

Or could Li fake his death, like Philip did, as part of a revenge plot against Gabi?

Christine: Could it have been Melinda? Maybe they got into a fight, Li snapped, and she fought back. Or maybe it was an accident.

But Melinda seems like she’d be quick to come up with a contingency plan, and she’d be able to frame Gabi for the crime.

EJ and Nicole got married. Being that the baby is Eric’s, do you think there is any way this relationship will last?

Kelly: I’m still holding out hope that the baby somehow isn’t Eric’s but EJ’s. Eric is such a brooding downer, and EJ and Nicole are fun. I really hope these two stay together somehow.

Jack: I wish! I far, far prefer EJ and Nicole, and I think this idea that you have to marry the other parent of your baby for the child’s sake is outdated.

But since Eric already said that if he was the father, he would have reconciled with Nicole immediately, the writing is on the wall.

Plus, Eric marrying Sloan to convince himself he’s moved on is the same thing Nicole did with Rafe, and we know how that ended.

Christine: I want EJ and Nicole to stay together, but it feels like the show is determined to have an Eric and Nicole reunion. I wish I could feel more secure about this relationship.

Eric and Nicole did nothing but make one another miserable. Plus, it would be far more interesting to see Nicole remain with EJ and the three of them try to navigate parenting this child together.

EJ might hate that the baby is Eric’s, but part of him would love making Eric crazy by being this kid’s beloved stepfather.

Gabi and Stefan blackmailed both Kristen and Li for their Dimera shares and fired EJ. Who do you think will finally get revenge against this duo?

Kelly: Gabi and Stefan could have been a fun couple, but now they’re despicable and hard to watch. I hope everyone gets their revenge against them, as these two deserve it because using someone else’s kid like that is just wrong.

Jack: Well, if Li is really dead, he can’t get revenge (which is why I’m suspicious). Kristen and EJ might have to put their differences aside for now and team up to get Gabi and Stefan.

Christine: It would be fun to see Kristen, EJ, and Nicole all plot revenge against Gabi and Stefan together. And considering Gabi has been framed for murder, perhaps they already have.

Should Marlena have agreed to marry Sloan and Eric, even though she seems to believe that Eric is rushing into this because Nicole married EJ?

Kelly: What could she do? Eric is a grown man. If he wants to marry Sloan, he’s going to do it whether she helps him or not. But I didn’t expect Marlena to try harder to convince him to wait.

Jack: I’m not sure there would have been an upside to refusing. It would only have alienated Eric and not stopped him from getting married. He’d find someone who could get ordained online like everyone else.

Marlena did what she could to convince Eric to think twice, but it didn’t work, so she backed off and let him make his own choice.

Christine: Yeah, Eric is obviously rushing into this for the wrong reasons, but there was only so much his mother could do about that.

If she had refused to marry them, Eric might have shut her out and stopped talking to her about his feelings for Sloan and Nicole. This way, he still feels like she’s on his side.

Stephanie wants to get married. Chad does not. Should they break up? And is either of them in the wrong here?

Kelly: I feel bad for Stephanie. She loves Chad and this family, and he may love her some, but he mostly wants her around so he’s not lonely. Chad is treating Stephanie like a distraction from his grief, and Stephanie and the kids are paying the price for it. So, yes, they should break up.

Jack: I don’t think they should break up yet. I think they should talk all this through honestly, like adults, and decide what to do. I also think they need to separate what each of them wants from what Steve has to say. His influence appears to have caused this rift.

If Stephanie truly wants to be married and doesn’t want to stay in the relationship and see if Chad feels differently later, then there’s nothing wrong with parting ways as friends. Neither of them is wrong to want what they want out of the relationship.

However, they should have discussed all this prior to moving in together. Stephanie has been throwing tantrums and refusing to talk to Chad, and I don’t like what she’s doing with Everett now.

Chad really should seek therapy for his grief — he had for a while but seems to have stopped, and now there are problems in his relationship, so he needs to work through things and not just rely on advice from random people.

Christine: I don’t think either Chad or Stephanie was seeing things clearly when they moved in together. They both treated it much too casually since there were young children involved.

Neither of them is wrong for what they feel. Stephanie has been playing mom to Chad’s kids for months, and it’s not fair to any of them to continue that if this has no chance of being a more permanent situation.

Chad needs to deal with his grief, but Stephanie doesn’t need to feel like a placeholder in her own home until he does. She should move out and continue to see the kids as a friend.

Maybe things will work out between Chad and Stephanie down the road, but for right now, their timing is completely off, and it’s making them both miserable.

Should Stephanie have shared personal details about her and Chad with Everett?

Kelly: This was a huge mistake! The guy told her yesterday he wanted her back and had spent months looking for her. No one goes from that to let’s just be friends overnight.

Everett needs space and time to get over her, and learning all the intimate details of her love life isn’t going to help that.

Jack: No! This is a guy she hasn’t seen for years, that she thought ghosted her, and who wants to be with her. And who has been stalking her? The last thing she should do is give him ammunition! She should have stuck to her original idea that this was none of his business.

What happened to her friendship with Theresa? Maybe talking to Theresa about this would give Theresa something better to do than scheme, too. That would be a better choice than Everett.

Christine: No! But I’ll give Stephanie some leeway here. This is someone she was very close to before he disappeared, so talking to him probably felt natural.

But that doesn’t make it a good idea. Everett clearly wants her back no matter what he says, and Stephanie doesn’t need any more drama in her life.

As Jack said above, Stephanie needs to find some girlfriends to talk things through with because telling an ex-boyfriend about problems with her current boyfriend is just asking for trouble.

How would you rate this year’s Halloween-themed episode from 1 (hated it) to 10 (loved it)?

Kelly: I’ll give it a 7. Bringing Abigail from the dead had promise, and Holly’s nightmare was scream-worthy fun. Abe, Paulina, and Whitley was borderline. and the one that completely fell flat for me was Nicole, Eric, Sloan, and the zombies.

Jack: How about -1000? I spent the whole hour staring at the clock and wondering when this stupidity was going to be over.

Christine: I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either, so I’ll give it a 5. Seeing into characters’ psyche was fun, but Days has done far better and wackier Halloween episodes than this.

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

Kelly: Eric and Sloan getting married in the Penthouse with no word of John being absent, and Brady walking in on them like everyone was having take-out and watching a movie.

I know weddings in Salem have gotten more casual, but this was silly.

Jack: Everett’s story about why he didn’t get in touch with Stephanie for years made no sense. You’d think she’d be worried something happened to him when he suddenly didn’t return her calls, and if he’s a well-known local reporter, SOMEONE should have recognized him even if he had amnesia.

And wouldn’t there be news stories about a John Doe who woke up from a coma with no memory of who he is? Or about the original accident?

I know he’s not Nick, but it’s harder to separate Blake Berris from his original character when Everett is also stalking people.

The Halloween episode was a waste of time, and I also think Holly’s obsession with Johnny has gone a bit too far.

When Nicole was talking to Chad, why did she bring up pining for Eric when she lost her fiance? It doesn’t matter whether Dnaiel was anyone’s favorite character or not. She was in love with him, and he died.

That directly mirrors Chad’s experience, and she should be discussing it, not pretending it didn’t exist so that she can complain that she still has feelings for a man she’s not marrying (who is the one who killed Daniel in the first place.)

These quickie weddings are ridiculous. And I’m annoyed that EJ and Nicole are not the end game. There is clearly genuine love between them, and Nicole knows how to calm EJ down when he wants to go too far. They are much better matched than Nicole and brooding, judgmental Eric.

And why on Earth did Sloan marry Eric if afterward, she was worried he didn’t want to be with her?

Christine: Yes, Nicole relating Chad’s sense of loss to hers over Eric made no sense when Daniel actually died!

And having Blake Berris play Everett just makes this character feel like Nick 2.0. At least when they had Robert Scott Wilson jump from Ben to Alex, the characters were different enough that they could be separated.

But with Nick and Everett feeling too close to the same character, I find myself waiting for Everett to turn into another obsessive boyfriend.

Also, Stefan and Gabi are the worst. There was a time when I enjoyed Gabi, but now I don’t mind that Camila Banus is leaving and I’m rooting for whoever is setting Gabi up.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kelly: I enjoyed them trying to bring Abigail back from the dead. That could have been a fun story if they’d had more time.

EJ and Nicole’s wedding was sweet, especially with Chad, Johnny, and Holly there.

And Holly is such an overly dramatic teenage girl that she’s fun to watch. I can’t wait for Nicole to realize what a handful her perfect daughter really is.

Jack: I enjoyed Li’s therapy session with Marlena. She was 95% competent. I just wish the story had been about Li trying to turn himself around instead of this quick murder mystery.

And as much as I hated what Stefan and Gabi did, I enjoyed EJ threatening revenge against them.

As fast as it was, and impermanent as it likely is, I liked Nicole and EJ’s wedding and was glad that it wasn’t interrupted.

Christine: I liked EJ and Nicole’s wedding. These two really get one another and are good for one another. I only wish I was convinced it had a chance of lasting.

I loved EJ asking Chad to officiate his wedding. These two have a great bond, and I wish we got to see more of it.

And I am intrigued by this latest murder mystery. I don’t know who killed Li if he’s really dead, but I am looking forward to finding out.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics. Did you love or hate the Halloween episode? Who do you think killed Li?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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