Now That We Know When Yellowstone Is Ending, There Are 5 Characters From The Show I Desperately Need To See In The 2024 Spinoff


We finally know when Season 5 of Yellowstone will come to a close. And, we also know that its sequel series 2024, will premiere not long after the flagship Wstern ends. With the announcement that the Kevin Costner-led drama would air its final episodes in November 2024, we also learned that 2024 will have some crossover with its predecessor. This means we must talk about who from the Yellowstone cast needs to be in the most modern installment of Taylor Sheridan’s spinoffs about the Dutton family, because I have five characters I’m desperate to see. 

Jefferson White as Jimmy holding his cowboy hat to his chest in Yellowstone.

(Image credit: Photo: Emerson Miller for Paramount Network)


Jimmy was the first character we saw receive the brand on Yellowstone, and he’s arguably the person who has grown the most since Season 1. While I was bummed when he left for the 6666, I didn’t lose hope that he’d return, and he did, briefly, toward the end of Season 5A. Jefferson White’s character has a story that does not feel complete, and this cowboy has become a beloved member of the Bunkhouse Boys. So, if 2024 ends up incorporating any original cast and more story about the Texas Ranch that’s impacting the Yellowstone, I really hope Jimmy is part of it. 

Ryan Bingham as Walker sitting on a horse in Yellowstone.

(Image credit: Photo: Emerson Miller for Paramount Network)


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