Avenged Sevenfold Are Being Weird on Social Media Again


Do you remember the rollout for Avenged Sevenfold‘s Life Is but a Dream… album? After teasing us forever with little bits like their use of an orchestra and hinting at beatboxing, Kanye West influence and more. Once that happened, they unveiled elaborate promotional tactics including a website “hack” and a countdown clock.

Of course, it all ended up being the album’s first single “We Love You” and we ended up getting a pretty good album after an awful single. The band appear to be teasing something new—or they just lost their god damn minds, which is possible based on the discussion of psychedelics surrounding this album—based on a Barbie-themed video they posted on Twitter.

The stop-motion video shows a Barbie giving birth to another Barbie, a doctor being pretty odd about the whole thing and then a weird Barbie (but not Weird Barbie from the movie) shows up and says something vaguely nihilist about life. In all likelihood, it’s probably an advertisement for a “Mattel” video since the song was included on their most recent album. Metal Injection also points out that some lyrics from “We Love You” (from the same album) were included, so maybe they’re just teasing a deluxe version or something.

We’re not sure what Avenged Sevenfold’s plans are, but bassist Johnny Christ has promised that they’ll try to keep it innovative.

“We don’t know if we’re gonna do a full album again, to be honest. We might do singles and eventize those later on in our career. At this moment, this is our body of work that we want everyone to get kind of at the same time and experience it from track one to track eleven. And I think that that’s what has always been important to us, is the way we release things to the public. And it’s not because we’re hoity-toity and think we’re better than other artists or anything like that. It’s just we have a certain way that we communicate with our fans and have [done] for the last 20-plus years. And we like to keep that intact and always come up with a new, fun way of releasing it. Just like with our music — we’re always challenging ourselves and trying to do new things in our music. Why stop there? Let’s think about how we can do something fun in the releases and stuff like that.”

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