After Ahsoka Brought Back Anakin Skywalker For Trippy Episode, I Realized Why I’m More Invested In The Star Wars Rebels Characters


Ahsoka on Disney+ passed its halfway mark with a trippy fifth episode that not only moved the Rosario Dawson series forward but also brought The Clone Wars to live-action and even finally name-dropped a key Star Wars Rebels character by mentioning Kanan Jarrus. Hayden Christensen reprised his role as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader for the episode, called “Shadow Warrior,” for some scenes that have been highly anticipated ever since he was revealed as part of the Ahsoka cast. Despite the exciting appearance of Anakin and live-action versions of Clone Wars scenes, however, “Shadow Warrior” left me with the realization of why I continue to care more about the Rebels characters than any others, including Ahsoka herself.

Admittedly, as somebody who has argued for years that Star Wars Rebels is better than The Clone Wars from start to finish, I knew I was going to be biased toward Sabine and Hera over other members of Ahsoka‘s supporting cast. But “Shadow Warrior” focusing on Anakin and Ahsoka with some thrilling sequences in the World Between Worlds helped me sort out my priorities, and see why I feel that Ahsoka has done a better job with the non-Ahsoka parts of the story. Bear with me, and read on for why!

Anakin and Young Ahsoka in Episode 5

(Image credit: Disney+)

Ahsoka’s Story Is Rooted In The Clone Wars

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