Wilderness Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Home Sweet Home


Ah, let the mad dash to cover your tracks begin!

Liv and Will had to figure out what came next, no matter how badly Liv wanted to drown herself in a bottle of tequila and drink the night away.

And once they returned to the Big Apple on Wilderness Season 1 Episode 4, they found out just how important it would be for them to fake a united front with the cops slowly closing in.

Liv and Will weren’t going to stay on the West Coast forever, but they still made sure to hit Vegas before going home. And the trip was fraught with unbelievable tension.

In the aftermath of everything that transpired at Yosemite, Liv was spiraling, and with her conscience weighing her down, she decided to deal with it by not dealing with it. Drinking and dancing seemed like healthy alternatives for at least a little while until the realities of real life caught up with her.

You could see the fear radiating off Will when Liv finally showed up to talk to him, and it only got worse when Liv decided not to mince her words at all.

Here’s the thing about Will; you can’t take anything he says seriously. And Liv knows that better than anyone.

Will: We can get through this.
Liv: How?
Will: No more lies.

It was awfully convenient for him to downplay everything when his back was against the wall, and Liv was the one person in the world who could help him the most.

Maybe he didn’t love Cara, and maybe it really was the only time he cheated. It doesn’t matter now. His duplicitous actions caused a world of hurt for people, and he can’t walk that back and plead for forgiveness without thinking Liv deserved to know every bloody secret if that’s what she chose.

Liv was a little bit torturing herself when she needled him for answers because she was genuinely starting to feel the effects of what happened now that some of the shock wore off.

Seeing Cara’s face everywhere and conjuring up a man to help assuage some of her guilt were interesting ways of getting Liv to a place where she could admit that while what she did was horrendous, she didn’t do it on purpose.

Except she did, didn’t she. It was just the wrong victim.

Would she be feeling this same amount of pain had it been Will who died?

Once the duo returned to New York, I had no idea what either of them expected to happen. Liv was thoroughly checked out of the marriage for obvious reasons, and Will was hanging around partly because he was scared to death Liv was going to blow up his life.

But the two of them co-existing in any tentative form of peace will forever be out of the equation because Liv won’t be able to get past Will’s betrayal. And by extension, what she felt his betrayal made her do.

So, they just had to live in their toxicity for better or worse.

Cara’s death being ruled a murder was obviously going to happen, as it was more a matter of when than if. And once again, Liv had a choice to make, and she chose to “help” her husband, though she was helping herself as well.

As soon as the cops connect the dots between Will and Cara, it will bring them both into the spotlight.

And leave it to Will to throw one last surprise out there to really ruin Liv’s spirit.

The one thing I do believe Will has been honest about is that he wasn’t all in with Cara. Did he care for her? Maybe, as much as someone like him can care about someone’s feelings. But if she was who he truly wanted, he had his chances to be with her and never took them.

But even so, Cara wasn’t delusional. She asked the questions, and he told her what she wanted to hear, but she loved and believed him.

Giving her a key to the home he shares with his wife was a low move, even for Will. He was in over his head in so many ways, and I again wondered how he got away with it for as long as he did.

You can explain away some things, but if anyone found that key, it would be tough for Will to talk his way out of that one. Cara didn’t work under him. She wasn’t his assistant. There would be no professional reason for her to have a key to his home.

Once they made the pact to protect themselves, Will and Liv just had to lean into their villainy, which meant tricking poor Garth to get inside Cara’s apartment to find that ring!

Liv may not be some master criminal, but the woman thinks fast on her feet! If we get to a point where it’s her versus Will in any capacity, she will wipe the floor with him. The lies flow off her tongue easily, and her face gives nothing away.

I love that they got the key but didn’t even get to calm down their heart rates before the police descended upon them.

It was wise for Liv and Will to get their stories straight regarding what happened that night, but anyone who’s seen an episode of Dateline should know that you can’t go talking to the police and give them the same story as someone else verbatim.

It’s way too suspicious, and Rawlins immediately picked up on it, even if she didn’t know what it meant.

I’ve been waiting for someone to point out the sheer ridiculousness of both couples being at Yosemite at the exact same time. It’s a small world, but it’s not THAT small.

Will had to think of his feet and spin it any way he could, and unfortunately, Cara’s digital footprint lent credence to the narrative he spun.

But to think that would be the end of things was naïve. And this series finally remembered cameras exist, and at the very least, they should be looking into why Liv lied to them, even if they’ve narrowed in on Garth as the killer.

And again, if you’ve ever watched any true crime series, it’s usually the significant other. Still, they must have found something in her possessions at the gym to drive them in that direction because there isn’t really another explanation.

Liv could count it as a lucky break for now. Though, now she has to deal with the suffocating truth of her life with her mother by her side.

Good luck to her.

Odds and Ends

  • I’m glad they didn’t forget that letter in the hotel room and showed us Liv ripping it up.

  • That interaction between Liv and Will’s co-worker in the bathroom was weird, right? Will seemed confident no one knew about his affair, but perhaps that’s not true. OR maybe he’s had more than one affair.

  • Liv and Ash kissed, and Liv promptly ran away from it. Ash is so woefully underdeveloped and serves basically to help Liv not feel like the monster she’s becoming. I hope they give her more to do over the final two hours.

  • I keep forgetting Liv is a writer. This will make for a fantastic story one day!

With only two more hours to go, the police are closing in, and things between Liv and Will are at an all-time low.

Jump into the comments and let me know where you think this saga is heading next!

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