“Bottoms” Menswear: “Bottoms” Movie is a Menswear Classic


When you think of fashion movies, what do you think of? The Fifth Element famously had its costume design done by Jean-Paul Gaultier. And then there are movies about fashion like The Devil Wears Prada.

And these days, streaming services feel like White Lotus is the ultimate inspo for my vacation wardrobe with kaftans and swimsuits galore — but notPortia’s sweater vest. Euphoria is a trend-setting fashion show that might not be realistic for high schoolers but uses clothes (and Emmy-winning makeup) as characters themselves.

But the most inspirational fashion films are the ones with impeccable costuming that feels effortlessly apt for the characters. It’s like meticulously curated people-watching.

And when it comes to menswear, the best dressed characters are usually the last ones you expect. Channing Tatum’s hip-hop-inspired looks and perpetually white Air Force Ones in the original Step Up. Tony Soprano’s button downs in The Soprano. Brad Pitt’s chaotic dirtbag look in Fight Club — and his slick Y2K suits in the Oceans movies.

Well, add Bottoms to the list. Billed as a “lesbian high school Fight Club,” this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. And while it has already garnered rave reviews for being outrageously funny and irresistibly charming, we need to talk about the costuming.

It’s a sleeper menswear hit. Corduroy, perfectly faded vintage gamer tees, and of course, summer 2023’s favorite shoe, Adidas sambas. The lesbians in this movie Josie (Ayo Edebiri), PJ (Rachel Sennott), and Hazel (Ruby Cruz), throw fit after fit. It’s a masterclass in lesbian fashion, an education in queer dressing — on par with the one I got attending a historically women’s college.

And the fact that it resonates with any gender is proof of one of the most potent trends of the year: lesbian dressing.

Everyone’s been wearing vests, Adidas shorts as pants, and a lot of cardigans — all queer staples. So whatever your gender and sexuality, take inspo from the biggest menswear movie of the summer, Bottoms.

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Rugby Shirts

In one of the most pivotal scenes of the film, both PJ and Josie are sporting oversized rugbies. Whether you call it old money or the resurgence of prep-style, but rugbies are back in a big way. Pair them with corduroys, straight-leg jeans, or even linen pants for the ultimate homage to prep style.

Knit button downs

Short sleeve button-downs are a necessity for the summer, and knitwear is a necessity for the fall. That makes knit short sleeves the perfect versatile piece. Pair them with docs like Hazel to channel your best summer punk.

Vintage Tees

One thing about Josie, she’s going to pull up in a vintage tee. The more faded and oversized the better. Of course, paired with equally faded jeans and a pair of Sambas.

Lots of layers

The token look of 2000s alternative guys: a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt. PJ rocks this look time and time again in Bottoms. And each time, it feels brand new. It’s also a cool way to mix and match prints and fabrics, and add some texture to your looks. And don’t stop with shirts. Layer your jewelry. Show your boxers over your pants. Go crazy. Just don’t like, overheat.

Of course, overalls

My favorite thing about Bottoms is that it doesn’t pull any punches. Within the first ten minutes is one of my favorite lines: “I may be ugly but these aren’t overalls.” But then of course, come the overalls. Corduroy? Denim? All bets are off and this versatile one piece is sure to be a hit this fall.

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