The Great Big Beautiful History And Legacy Of Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress, 50 Years After It Left Disneyland


As a West Coast resident, I have been to Disneyland far more times than I have been to Walt Disney World. As such, when I find myself in Magic Kingdom, while there are a lot of subtle differences between the two similar parks, I always find myself veering towards Tomorrowland first. The reasons are two special attractions you can find there that were once residents of Disneyland, but can no longer be found there: the Wedway PeopleMover and the Carousel of Progress. 

The PeopleMover once existed in both parks at the same time before it was removed from Disneyland to make way for the ill-fated Rocket Rods. The Carousel of Progress, however, is a unique attraction because the one that you find at Magic Kingdom today is not a copy of the one that opened at Disneyland in 1967, but the attraction itself, which was moved from one park to the other. 

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