Hang On, A New Rings Of Power Theory Suggests Sauron Isn’t Who We Think, And I Buy It


Sometimes, when an answer is clearly revealed, it’s hard not to second guess the revelation and be a tad suspicious. Well, this is now happening with Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power when it comes to the intense reveal that Halbrand, the man who had helped Galadriel on her journey, is Sauron. According to a new theory, Charlie Vickers’ character might not be the man behind the biggest bad of Middle Earth. And I must admit, I think they might be onto something.

Throughout Season 1 of Rings of Power there was a lot of speculation about which character was Sauron. Then, in the finale, it was explicitly revealed that Halbrand was the biggest threat to Middle Earth. According to CBR, fans are now suss over this reveal, and some of them aren’t totally on board with the human being Sauron. Instead, they think the real Halbrand died or was captured, and Sauron shape-shifted into him later on. 

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