After Ahsoka’s Game-Changing Episode 4 Reveal, Will The Show Follow A Dangerous Star Wars Rebels Precedent?


Warning: major spoilers ahead for Episode 4 of Ahsoka, called “Fallen Jedi.”

Ahsoka has hit the halfway point of its eight-episode run, and “Fallen Jedi” delivered the long-awaited arrival of Hayden Christensen reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker opposite Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano for the first time. It didn’t happen via flashback or dream sequence, but via the mystical plane of the Force called the World Between Worlds. This world was first introduced in a particularly mystical episode of Star Wars Rebels as the means to save Ahsoka from certain death, and now the live-action show is exploring it further. 

Of course, getting the game-changing reveal of how Christensen returns as Anakin as part of the Ahsoka cast only leads to more questions, including whether that’s really Anakin and if Ahsoka is technically dead in light of his line about not expecting to see her so soon. As a Rebels fan, I’m both excited about seeing what Christensen brings to Ahsoka and concerned that we could be in for a repeat of what the animated series did in Season 4 when Ezra set a dangerous precedent. 

Ahsoka in the World Between Worlds

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Where Ahsoka Is (And Why It Matters)

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