The Advice Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Got That Kept Them From Working Together For Years


For decades, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been an iconic duo in Hollywood, celebrated for their close friendship and successful projects. These long-time friends wrote and starred in Good Will Hunting, which won them both Oscars in their 20s, and they’ve always been incredibly tight-knit friends, or as Damon calls “bizarrely close,” and firmly linked in the public’s consciousness. Their recent work, including the historical epic The Last Duel and the origin story of the Nike Air Jordan Air, has solidified their status as friends and partners who’ve made a lasting impact on the film industry. However, what might surprise many fans is that there was a time when these two intentionally chose different career paths, driven by some well-intentioned advice, out of concern that their constant collaboration might hinder their success.

In an interview with THR, Ben Affleck opened up about his longstanding “bromance” with the Jason Bourne actor and the advice they received that led to a period of separation in their careers. When asked about his and Damon’s new independent production company, called Artists Equity, founded 40 years after their friendship began, the actor explained: 

I suppose the reason it works is that I trust him and love him, and I know that this is somebody with integrity. In this business, failure is hard, and success is confusing and can make you lose your bearings. Having that friendship as a touchstone over the years was really meaningful. One of the things we reflected on when we did The Last Duel that caused us to want to do this company together was the fact that we wished we’d kept working together more over the years. We fell prey to this idea that, ‘Well, if you don’t individuate your careers and do your own things, people will always associate you together. That will be limiting.’

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